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Dress Lace Inc Employee Profile – Lydia Harper

Lydia Harper is Senior Manager II. of Customer Relations for Dress-Lace, Inc. San Francisco Bay Area, CA. He is responsible for identifying and solving customer-related problems across the Dress-Lace website. Lydia Harper implements Machine Learning for the majority of projects and teaches training sessions for other Dress-Lace employees. Former positions include Senior Director for Security Services with Skyline, Inc. Lydia Harper earned his BA in Computer Technology from the University of North Texas, and has a MS in Computer Technology from the University of California.
Besides working at Inc., Lydia Harper also maintains the website of geekstroke.

The Geekstroke is the website where geeks of all sorts will find cool and interesting topics to discuss. Lydia Harper has designed a user-friendly site where readers will find topics such as movies, comics, technology, and other geeky subjects. Just click on the categories tab and get started reading about the vast array of fascinating finds that we’ve uncovered. You can also get involved in the conversation by adding your comments or questions below each article. Let us what you think about it and you just may help us to discover more awesome, geeky material.

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Check out this glass beach near Fort Bragg, California. It’s hard to believe, but this glass is actually glass fragments from the remnants of years of refuse dumping into the ocean. Lydia Harper includes some pictures to illustrate this amazing phenomenon.

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Are you looking for the ultimate rush? If so, then you really should take a look at this list that Lydia Harper put together of the scariest rides in the world. A giant canyon swing, Big Shot in Las Vegas, The Smiler in the UK, and Superman: Escape from Krypton are just some of the rides that made the list.

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When it comes to movie trailers, there are lots of action packed highlights from a vast array of films. But, as you’ll see in this article, Lydia Harper’s top pick for the best movie trailer you’ll ever see is from Kung Fury. Check out this page and see what this one special.
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If you have an appreciation for custom classic cars, then you will love this section of the website. Lydia Harper has compiled a photo gallery of some stunning color and black and white images of some of the classic cars of long ago. The beauty, power, and style of these cars are captured in these great photos.

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Fort Knox, Area 51, Air Force One, Cheyenne Mountain. These are some of the most heavily guarded places on the plant as they house some of the world’s best kept secrets. On this list that Lydia Harper put together, you’ll see why and learn a thing or two about why these places and others are top secret.


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