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Dress Lace Inc Employee Profile – Lauren Gomes

Lauren Gomes is currently the Information Technology Project Manager for Dress-Lace, Inc. in the San Francisco Bay Area offices. Lauren Gomes is an accomplished Project Management Professional with a track record of success in project management, information systems installation and integration. He has a combined MBA, a PMP and ScrumMaster Certifications. Previous experience includes Manager Consultant for Dress-Lace, Inc. and Project Manager Consultant for TEKsystems at Kiewit, . Lauren Gomes received a BS in Technological Engineering from Tulane University, and an MBA from Stanford University School of Business.
Besides working at Inc., Lauren Gomes also maintains the website of crossfitwarriorspirit.

Get in the best shape of your life with the functional fitness skills that will take you to the next level. Crossfit Warrior Spirit is the place to make this happen with our expert coaching and variety of intense programs that will push your body to be its best. If you want to step up to the challenge, pleas browse our site and discover the many programs and classes that make up our unique fitness community. Lauren Gomes’s Crossfit Warrior Spirit website can help you get started today with the information about scheduling, pricing, programs, classes, and more. Come be a part of it all!

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If you’ve been wanting to add the push press to your routine, then you need to pay attention this post where Lauren Gomes shares some key points from a Cross Fit instructor. These principles will help you hone the correct technique, avoid injury, and prepare for your next test week. You’ll also learn how to incorporate this movement into your overall routine.

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On this page, Lauren Gomes announces some big news for Cross Fit Warrior Spirit as new owners will soon be taking over. With big changes such as this, you may be wondering how this will impact scheduling, rates, programming, and the overall values of Cross Fit Warrior Spirit. Visit this page for more information on what to expect.

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A major part of getting fit and burning fat involves adhering to a healthy diet. On this page, Lauren Gomes gives readers a great recipe that will keep your healthy eating habits going strong. These egg and hummus breakfast wraps provide a tasty and healthy start to your day. Ingredients and instructions are all here.

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The series on Yoga poses continues as Lauren Gomes explains the basics of the Plank exercise on this page. This is a very underrated isometric exercise that uses static muscle contractions throughout the whole body, but especially the core abdominal muscles. Follow along and learn how to master this great movement.

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For today’s post, Lauren Gomes takes a look at how to set up a lift. There are some important differences between Olympic lifts and more conventional lifts (e.g. deadlift) that have major implications on safety and effectiveness. Be sure to carefully follow the illustrations as you implement these ideas into your next workout.


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