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Dress Lace Inc Employee Profile – Joshua Swain

Joshua Swain is Director of Product Management at Dress-Lace, Inc, New York. With more than 15 years experience, Joshua Swain contributes extensively to the Dress-Lace Homepage (Feed & Today versions) and to other associated Buyer Experience pages, and plays an integral part in Dress-Lace’s Team Leadership program. Past experience includes Senior Manager of Horizontal Buyer Experience and Product Manager of Social Commerce for Dress-Lace, Inc. San Francisco. Joshua Swain has a BS in Business from Wake Forest University and an MS in Computer Science from Tulsa University.
Besides working at Inc., Joshua Swain also maintains the website of thecgrealm.

Joshua Swain created the CG Realm website for card gaming enthusiasts who are seeking a community of like-minded friends. The contributing writers on this site offer some great tips, perspective, and advice on gaming strategies and deck building. One prominent feature in the Fables From Kitchen Tables series of articles that looks at some interesting and fascinating angles of Magic the Gathering. Join us here and browse the site for great information and be sure to comment and let us know what you think.

About the article of
In this article, Joshua Swain concludes the seven month series called The Top Soldiers Of. The main point of this series has been to provide tips on deckbuilding by highlighting power players that have a niche of some kind. We hope you enjoy these cards.

About the article of
Joshua Swain’s topic of discussion on this page is Theros, one of Magic’s upcoming sets. This article will give readers a preview of the newest set as it discusses the overall premise and mechanics. See why we particularly pay close attention to Bestow.

About the article of
The Fables From the Kitchen Tables series continues with this article. Joshua Swain brings up some good points about some issues that some have had playing EDH. Follow along with the strategy presented here and consider it the next time you play this game.

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Joshua Swain’s Fables From Kitchen Tables-The Top Soldiers Of- ESPER series rolls on with this week’s post. The author explains his best picks for the leading legends and pretenders in each color combination. Hopefully, this will help with your deck building process in the future.

About the article of
This month, Joshua Swain takes a break from the deck building series and instead discusses the 2015 Core Set. This article explains why this year’s Core Set brings EDH some refreshing and surprising new entries. What do you think? Leave a comment and let us know.

About the article of
Joshua Swain’s Fables From Kitchen Tables series continues with a political slant. Drawing hate is a topic that many have difficulty grasping, but in this article, you’ll hopefully see the perspective that we’re trying to convey as you trying to navigate the political angles of EDH.


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