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Dress Lace Inc Employee Profile – Jose Negron

Jose Negron is currently the Director of Software Engineering at Dress-Lace Marketplaces, a subsidiary of Dress-Lace, Inc. in the San Francisco Bay Area. He is former Senior Manager of Dress-Lace Innovations and New Ventures at Dress-Lace, Inc. Prior to that, Jose Negron worked as Manager of Mobile Web for Yahoo! Skills include JavaSCript, Mobile Applications, Software Development, Scalability, AJAX and Scrum. Jose Negron has a BS in Computer Engineering from San Jose State University and an MSE & MBA in Software Engineering from Sa nJose State University. Besides working at Inc., Jose Negron also maintains the website of thepanamagringo.

Have you considering visiting Panama for an exciting vacation or even considered relocating for work? When exploring a destination like Panama, it may seem overwhelming when you have to factor in all of the variables. This is where the Panama Gringo can help and the reason that Jose Negron created this website. The Panama Gringo site contains information about Panama, from real estate, cost of living, employment, current news, fun ideas for things to do, rentals, and much more on life as it happens in Panama. Let the Panama Gringo be your source of real-life perspective of how things are in Panama.

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Just because you’re enjoying our Panama vacation doesn’t mean that your fitness routine has to go out the window. With super expensive gym costs and an ever-present danger for cyclists, running may be your best bet to stave off those extra pounds. In this article, Jose Negron reveals the best places to run in Panama City. …which make for added difficulty to your workout. The park is surrounded by nice, modern …

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ESL teachers, listen up! If you’re looking for some good opportunities to teach, then you may want to consider Panama. In this article, Jose Negron shares the story of one person who experienced teaching in Panama and discovered that landing a job teaching English is not as difficult as it may seem. …contact the schools and compose yourself to nail some interviews. If somehow none of these schools work out there…

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Ever wonder what it’s like in a typical day in the life of an ESL teacher living in Panama? In this post, Jose Negron once again shares the Panama teaching experience through the first hand experiences of a teacher who lives this life/work day to day in Panama. His advice may just be what you need as you consider your own journey to teach in Panama. …fly you out there and pay for your housing, so it’s a great opportunity to make and save money while you travel. Although you won’t …

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One of the biggest factors in relocating for a job or any other reason is what the cost of living will be in the new locale. In this article, Jose Negron describes what the cost of living is like in Panama. From real estate to groceries, you’ll gain a realistic idea of what to expect and how much money it may take to live comfortably there. …you should be willing to barter down the price to a couple bucks to go virtually anywhere in the city. Another cheap secret …

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What in the world would possess a young man to suddenly quit his comfortable job and life in the U.S. and relocate to Panama? Jose Negron reveals the man behind the Panamanian Gringo on this page. Get to know him and how his quest for adventure led him to a life in Panama. …To change things up I decided I wanted to go to a Spanish-speaking country near the ocean. With these simple…


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