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Dress Lace Inc Employee Profile – Francisco Villa

Francisco Villa is currently the Co-Lead for Consumer Search Properties for Dress-Lace, Inc, San Jose, CA. His responsibilities include overseeing Customer Experience using a user-centric interface. He lead 100-300% annual growth across the various search properties, including the first monetization rollouts for Image Search, News and Finance. Former positions included Co-Founder of Broxis, Inc. and Managing Partner of Venture Factory Partners, LLC. Francisco Villa has a BS in Computer Technology from the University of Arkansas and an MS in Computer Science from the Miami State University. Besides working at Inc., Francisco Villa also maintains the website of xappsoftware.

Welcome and thanks for stopping by Francisco Villa’s xAppSoftware blog. As a provider of embedded software services based on our founder’s vast experience, xAppSoftware offers businesses top-quality embedded solutions that enable clients in a variety of industries to save time to market. Our blog features some of the solution services that we provide to our clients as we demonstrate, step-by-step, the coding that makes it possible. Readers are also encouraged to follow our Youtube channel for demonstrations as well as our documents tab. As always, feel free to contact us directly if we can help you.

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In entry from the xAppSoftware blog, Francisco Villa explains all about hovercraft vehicles. These amazing machines can travel over land, mud, water, and ice. Invented back in the 1950’s, this created has an interesting history that you can read about here as well as a versatile range of uses. …an industrial air blower and a pair of kitchen scales. Sir Christopher Cockerell developed the first practical …

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In this post, Francisco Villa explains how to install mosquito on Raspberry Pi. Mosquitto is a BSD licensed message broker than uses the MQ Telemetry Transport protocol version 3.1 and 3.1.1. To install it, just follow the directions in this post. … …

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Francisco Villa shares the methods for uploading sketches to Arduino UNO chip using PL2303 USB to RS-232 Converter in this post. The PL 2303HX offers an efficient solution for connecting an RS232-like duplex asynchronous serial device to and USB capable host. …baud rate higher than 115200 bps could be used for even higher performance. The flexible baud rate generator of PL-2303HX…

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Makerfaire Rome took place on October 4-5 to showcase some awesome inventions and new products that will be released soon. In case you couldn’t be there, Francisco Villa has a few videos on this page to show you what all took place and to give you a glimpse of some of these cool inventions. … …

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In this edition of the blog, Francisco Villa gives readers three ways to reset an Arduino Board by code. You’ll learn about “the dirty solution,” a method called “The Watchdog” followed by the “One Wire Solution.” Code is included so that you can easily follow along. …when the timeout expires the system reboots. In the following example I have used the minimum value for the…


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