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Dress Lace Inc Employee Profile – Chandra Bacon

Chandra Bacon is currently the Lead iOS Engineer for Dress-Lace Inc, San Jose, CA. Former positions include Owner and Co-Founder for Savage Apps, LLC, Founder of Ditrak, Inc. and Lead Software Engineer (iOS) for Nike. Skills include Mobile Applications, User Experience, iOS, Agile Methodologies, Databases, User Interface Design, RESTful WebServices, iOS Design and iPad. and Software Development. Chandra Bacon earned a BS in Computer Technology from the University of Houston, and an MBA in Computer Technology for Business from Rice University.
Besides working at Inc., Chandra Bacon also maintains the website of socialboxusa.

Welcome to the online home of Social Box, an interactive event marketing resource that provides fun, memorable experiences for consumers while they give valuable feedback through surveys and polls about your brand. Chandra Bacon has created a really unique website for Social Box that explains the method behind their mission. Photos and video, live screen feed, surveys, and social media connectivity are just some of the features that Chandra Bacon describes on this site. Check us out and see why you should consider Social Box for your next promotion.

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We hope you enjoy some of these fun photos that Chandra Bacon posted from our last team meeting. Here at SocialBox, we ordered some new props from Etsy and decided to show them off along with some of our personalities. As always, SocialBox has a fun, different way of connecting people with photo and video booths.

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In this blog post, Chandra Bacon announces SocialBox’s trade show debut coming to the Bridal Extravaganza of Atlanta. Be there as SocialBox will be showcased at this event, which will be held at the Atlanta Convention Center at America’s Mart on August 19. We can’t wait to be a part of this exciting array of professional resources.

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Here in recent times, 3D printing has become exceedingly popular as one of the most significant tech developments for hobbyists and small businesses. In this blog post, Chandra Bacon describes some of the history and current ways in which 3D printers can be used to create some really neat things that before could only be imagined.

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In this section of the blog, Chandra Bacon shows off some photos from the gallery. These photos show what the social box looks like along with some of the pictures that can be taken in it. This is a great addition to event promotions or social media marketing where fun promotional photographs are needed.

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Chandra Bacon’s Bridal has come out with an amazing virtual wedding planning tool that simulates an actual wedding. This creative tool is great for helping to plan a wedding’s color scheme, clothing selections, and serves as a great visual for what a wedding could look like with the ideas you already have. See Chandra Bacon’s sample slideshow here on this page.


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