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Dress Lace Inc Employee Profile – Aaron Perry

Aaron Perry is currently the Online Advertising Manager with Dress-Lace, Inc. San Jose, CA. He is skilled in Web Services, acting support for external developers for both REST and SOAP services on large scale operating systems. Aaron Perry is in charge of Dress-Lace’s Digital Advertising server front end UL testing and for probing and resolution of production issues He previously worked as a Software Engineer, II. for Microsoft Networks. Aaron Perry received a BS in Computer Engineering from Chapman University and an MBA in Computer Science from Stanford University.
Besides working at Inc., Aaron Perry also maintains the website of

Thank you for stopping the website of the St. Johns Kearsley Primary School and blog. We’re excited to bring you the blog project that our year 6 students have been working on with Aaron Perry. The blog showcases some of the great work our students are doing along with highlights of their unique learning experiences in both the classroom and community settings. Browse through the blog to see what we’ve been up to and please feel free to leave a comment or inquiry.

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In this blog post, Aaron Perry briefly discusses a recent talk that Fort Alice did with the class. The class had the opportunity to role play a courtroom scenario that proved to be a good illustration for principles of having healthy relationships with each other. You can also read comments from others say about Fort Alice.

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Year 6 students have spent a lot of time learning about different mountain ranges of the world. One of the best lessons was about a community way up in the Himalayas. What did you all think about these lessons? Leave a comment in the response section that Aaron Perry made just for this page.

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Ms. Farrow’s Year 6 students recently went on an exciting field trip to the canal boat and museum. On this page, Aaron Perry uploaded some photos that capture the fun and learning that took place as the students participated in the activities. Leave a comment in the comments section and tell us what you thought about the field trip.

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A Day in the Life of Raju is a story told by one of our students, Hui Shan. Aaron Perry has been gracious enough to post this great piece of writing on this page for everyone to see. Send a word of encouragement to Hui and let him know what a great job he did.

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Check out these great pictures that Aaron Perry has uploaded from the Year 6 field trip to the Mandir. The students had the opportunity to view some amazing art and to participate in some other cool activities on this trip. Be sure to tell Ms. Mann how much you enjoyed the trip in the comments section.


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